In Hungary name days are also celebrated in addition to birthdays. On these days too, children receive small gifts.
As always, on one of my name days as a child I devoted my time to drawing. I actually totally forgot that I was celebrated on this day. My mother came to my room and handed me a small package: - Happy name day! I've never been so surprised! In the package there was a set of 24 colored pencils, which I immediately started using. That was one of my best childhood memories.
This little story describes me the best. Art has always been a part of my life. From a young age on I spent my days and nights drawing. This artistic striving led me to a professional path in the design industry. Studies of applied arts and textile design in Hungary were followed by a M.A. degree in fashion design at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences in 2017. 
My designs reflect my Hungarian personality and culture: they are fresh, funny and colorful. For my artwork, I take inspiration from art, nature, traditional and contemporary trends, geometric forms, and girl power.
I'm Edina, textile surface designer from Pécs, Hungary. Since 2013 I am living with my husband and cat in Berlin, in Germany, my beloved second homeland.
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